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NetClean Labs | 25/02/2017

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About Head of NetClean

Anna Borgström

Anna Borgström

Anna Borgström is Head of NetClean and joined NetClean, the world’s leading developer of technology solutions to fight child sexual abuse material, in 2009. During her tenure at NetClean, she has lead NetClean sales team with focus on strategic customers in various countries that are important for the company’s growth and expansion. Prior to NetClean Anna held several Senior Executive roles in different companies that gave her an extensive international experience. Anna is a highly experienced with strong business, technical and interpersonal skills coupled with international working experience and strong customer skills. She holds an excellent track record in managing complex projects, building trust and working under intense pressure. She is highly result oriented with a consistent track record of delivering above and beyond expectations.

Posts By Anna Borgström

Doing business the right way

03/02/2017 |

In January, Interpol announced that they have identified 10,000 child victims of online sexual abuse in their International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) image database.

In the interviews that followed the publication of the data, Mick Moran, Head of Vulnerable Communities … Read More

How can businesses help prevent the sexual exploitation of children online?

17/01/2017 |

That will be discussed at World Economic Forum in Davos, starting today. Ericsson is one of the driving forces behind the issue, co-hosting an event on the subject together with the UN Foundation.

In a blog on the World Economic … Read More

Sustainable brands don’t stop at the environment 

12/10/2016 |

Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in a panel event at Copenhagen’s Sustainable Brands event to talk with industry peers about how companies can help interrupt and end the demand for commercial child sexual exploitation. This included discussions … Read More

Take a LEAP of faith and improve collaboration

05/05/2016 |

Online child sexual exploitation is a growing concern around the world and the issue is becoming more severe than ever before. It has never been easier for perpetrators to make contact with innocent children, to share images of abuse and … Read More

Strength in numbers: joining forces to create a safer society

21/04/2016 |

In the world of child sexual abuse, the waters are always muddied. With new methods of criminal activity arising and a vast array of technological advances to thwart them, it’s a field that is always evolving.

Unfortunately, as the volume … Read More