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NetClean Labs | 15/11/2018

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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Latest news from the blog

We want to make a difference

20/03/2014 |

Telia was the first company to install NetClean ProActive on its company network. A few years later, the company also took the step as an Internet service provider to block CSAI sites. 

“We must accept our social responsibility,” says Marie … Read More

Is ‘We didn’t know’ enough?

04/03/2014 |

In recent months some of the most iconic British institutions such as the BBC and British Airways have been rocked by charges of child abuse levelled at employees.

The people who commit these crimes don’t just live in some dark … Read More

Why should businesses care about policing their networks?

04/03/2014 |

What does child sexual abuse have to do with corporations, businesses and the networks that they use? Customers, colleagues, friends and prospects joined us in London to discuss why preventing the spread of child sexual abuse content is something that … Read More

Going beyond online search, pt 2: Collaboration is key to solving CSA

04/03/2014 |

The donations given to IWF by Google and some of the UKs largest ISPs show recognition of the scope of the problem of child sexual abuse. It’s critical, however, to remember that the focus of the debate needs to be … Read More

Going beyond online search, pt 1: Searchable web just the tip of the child abuse iceberg

04/03/2014 |

In an era of cloud storage and prolific Wi-Fi access, we have seen high profile cases demonstrating a clear link between viewing abusive material and the abuse of children. It’s clear that the technology and methods currently used to disrupt … Read More