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NetClean Labs | 14/11/2018

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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Latest news from the blog

NetClean statement 30.5.14

30/05/2014 |

NetClean’s products are designed to use image signatures to detect, block and analyse known images and videos of child sexual abuse. We work with private companies, governments, ISPs and law enforcement agencies around the world to help keep children safe. … Read More

A new dawn for the fight against child sexual abuse

20/05/2014 |

This week we announced a new partnership with Check Point, which will open up ten years of child sexual abuse crime expertise and intelligence in order to help companies actively tackle threats.

 Law enforcement has historically been a local affair. … Read More

Part of an ecosystem

15/05/2014 |

When you identify a clear trend it’s always indicative of something larger – the sign that something important is happening. One such trend is occurring amongst our larger customers, many which are national governments.

These types of organisations are now … Read More

Bringing intelligent analysis to all crime types

09/05/2014 |

Unstructured data such as images, camera data (EXIF) and videos make up a huge proportion of criminal evidence today. Ten years ago an individual computer forensic investigation might have comprised tens of thousands of images. Today the figure can be … Read More