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NetClean Labs | 15/11/2018

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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Latest news from the blog

Your Business, Your Data, Your Responsibility

26/06/2015 |

Recent reports from Europe suggest digital businesses are unhappy with the latest proposals in the EU data protection laws. Many believe that the additional enforcements will put tighter restrictions on companies’ ability to process data. These tensions bring to light … Read More

Normalising criminal communities

09/06/2015 |

“Once I’d opened my Tor browser, it took me two mouse clicks to arrive at the page advertising the link. If I had clicked again I would have committed an extremely serious crime. I can’t think of another instance where … Read More

Closing Britain’s loophole on live-streamed abuse

02/06/2015 |

In the past, those who viewed live-streamed child sexual abuse in the UK were sometimes given lighter sentences due to the difficulty authorities had in proving a recording had been made. New plans, laid out in the Queen’s speech from … Read More