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NetClean Labs | 15/11/2018

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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Latest news from the blog

Mobile phones and videos are becoming increasingly common in the investigations

29/03/2016 |

Reliance on mobile technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. Our CEO Christian Berg recently tested out the new range mobile devices and innovations at Mobile World Congress and is thrilled by the exciting new possibilities that these new … Read More

The material is becoming more severe and victims are getting younger

22/03/2016 |

No parent would want to see their child hurt or in despair. Yet, thousands of children are being sexually abused every single day. They may be living in foreign countries far far away, being trafficked across the seas, or sitting … Read More

Child Exploitation Awareness Day – make your pledge today

18/03/2016 |

Today, in the UK, it is Child Exploitation Awareness Day – a day that aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. After a number of high profile sexual exploitation cases in the news, the National Working … Read More

Preventing the creation of child sexual offenders

15/03/2016 |

In February, Women’s Weekly in Australia published an in-depth, interesting and horrifying article on child sexual abuse, telling the story of some of the most disturbing cases of child sexual abuse that the world has seen.

One of them was … Read More

A reflection on Mobile World Congress: the dangers of “Mobile is Everywhere”

02/03/2016 |

Our generation lives and breathes in a world of digital connections. Most of us own more than one mobile device, and are spending more and more time on our smartphone, tablet or laptop for work or personal use. In fact, … Read More