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NetClean Labs | 20/05/2018

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Mobile phones and videos are becoming increasingly common in the investigations

Mobile phones and videos are becoming increasingly common in the investigations

Reliance on mobile technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. Our CEO Christian Berg recently tested out the new range mobile devices and innovations at Mobile World Congress and is thrilled by the exciting new possibilities that these new technologies will bring.

As our lives become consumed by mobile phones and videos, these have also become more critical in police investigations. While still images remain a critical part of investigations, video can often provide greater details and a more holistic view of the situation at hand.

In our global survey across 28 countries, a large number of the police officers in the study emphasised in their comments that mobile phones and videos are becoming prominent in their investigations:

“Cellular phones are becoming a huge part of our workload.”

“More videos, and of younger children are now found. Ratio of video to still images is shifting towards video.”

“The proportion of videos seized is definitely increasing”

“I’m seeing more video files. More severe conduct in terms of violence towards young children.”

The shift to video technology

Jon Rouse, detective inspector and the head of Task Force Argos with the Queensland Police in Australia, a specialist unit targeting child sex offenders, shared his experience with us:

“The huge shift in technology over the last decade has become one of our most significant challenges. Fifteen years ago, the computer was locked to a desk. Today most devices are mobile and nearly all mobile phones have a camera.

“Offenders can film without people knowing and small devices can be placed to film children secretly, resulting in far more self-produced video material. Parents also find it increasingly difficult to supervise their children’s use of their mobile phones.

“Mobile phones also present a major challenge, as it is a constant problem to get information, such as mobile IP data from Internet Service Providers.”

Our sister company recently launched an enhanced video analytic capability in the Griffeye Analyze product, find out more here. To learn more about how your organisation can help stop the spread of child sexual abuse material within the workplace, click here.