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NetClean Labs | 25/03/2017

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About Christian Berg, CEO of Netclean

Christian Berg

Christian Berg

In 2003, Christian Berg founded the technology company NetClean Technologies, with an idea to create technical innovations to stop the spread of child sexual abuse material. The idea received a strong response and resulted in one of Sweden’s first social entrepreneurial businesses. With a strong technology background in software development, security and cloud services, Christian has an extensive global network of technical experts. He is an experienced speaker and is often invited to speak about technical solutions against child abuse content at events around the world and how a combination of technology solutions in a society can make a huge impact to the problem of child abuse content. Mr. Christian Berg has a Master’s Degree in Automation Engineering from Chalmers University of Technologies and a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.

Posts By Christian Berg

Unearthing the web – the good, the bad and the ugly

03/08/2016 |

Technical advances have unreservedly transformed our lives. Technology has changed the way we communicate, travel, learn and even find love. The internet alone has given rise to a worldwide community and a forum for the mass exchange of information.  It’s … Read More

Child sexual offenders hide behind anonymisation technologies

06/07/2016 |

Anonymisation technologies continue to be a crucial challenge for police and digital investigators when it comes to identifying offenders who have produced and circulated child sexual abuse material.

In our global research of 368 police officers, six in 10 said … Read More

A society in the dark

30/06/2016 |

Last week, the NSPCC released its annual ‘How safe are our children? 2016’ report. The report suggests that the Internet used in eight cases of child sex abuse every day. However, we feel that this latest number from the NSPCC … Read More

More self-produced material is being shared on social media

12/04/2016 |

The fact that adults with sexual interest in children would choose to approach these young victims on social media is not a new concept. What has changed in recent years is the quantity of social platforms and how easy, quick … Read More

Preventing the creation of child sexual offenders

15/03/2016 |

In February, Women’s Weekly in Australia published an in-depth, interesting and horrifying article on child sexual abuse, telling the story of some of the most disturbing cases of child sexual abuse that the world has seen.

One of them was … Read More