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NetClean Labs | 16/10/2018

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About Johann Hofmann, Product Manager and Law Enforcement Liaison, NetClean

Johann Hofmann

Johann Hofmann

Johann Hofmann, Director & Head of Griffeye, has more than ten years’ experience in applied image and video analysis gained in the specialist field of crime investigations. Griffeye is the sister company of NetClean and specialises in designing digital media intelligence solutions for law enforcement agencies and digital forensic investigators. Working across academia and law enforcement, Johann has gained a deep and thorough understanding of law enforcement operations, its unique requirements and how research can address the relevant issues. To date, he has successfully equipped law enforcement agencies operating in 81 countries with this powerful Griffeye Analyze technology.

Posts By Johann Hofmann

Doing our Part – Using Technology for Good

03/02/2016 |

As you can gather from Maura Harty and Rich Brown’s blog posts, the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) and Project VIC are two incredible organisations. Many organisations want to make a difference, but ICMEC and Project VIC … Read More

The 14 per cent: why victim ID is the key ingredient for CSA investigations

18/05/2015 |

As soon as one case is closed, another opens up. More child sexual abuse (CSA) cases emerge every day and each case could contain new or unidentified victims. Johann Hofmann explores the challenges facing investigators today and explain why victim … Read More

‘More Data, More Problems’ or ‘More Data, More Possibilities?’

28/04/2015 |

With the release of the new NetClean Analyze DI feature Analyze Relations, Johann Hofmann, explains how letting novel tools aid investigators in finding relations between digital files and building visual maps is key to solving cases.

The human visual … Read More

Generating a robust image signature

12/11/2014 |

Robust image signatures are a crucial element of reducing the number of duplicate and known images in the forensic workflow, but how do they work?

Generating a robust signature from a picture is a process that involves a number of … Read More

Breaking out of the shell

16/09/2014 |

Open standards have been a contentious issue for many sectors, not least the digital forensics industry. However the emergence and adoption of the ProjectVIC OData protocol, called VICS, could change all that.

We’ve seen support for open standards gather pace … Read More