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NetClean Labs | 23/11/2017

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When the best get better - doubling the speed of digital media investigation - NetClean Labs

When the best get better – doubling the speed of digital media investigation

Christian Berg, CEO of NetClean, recently held a series of training sessions with a total of 50 Child Sexual Abuse Image (CSAI) investigators in Australia and New Zealand. Together, they explored new ways to combine in-depth knowledge of child sexual abuse cases with NetClean Analyze DI to further speed up investigation workflow.

On a trip last month I had the privilege of working together with some of the leading CSAI investigation teams in the world. Meeting with the specialists at Victoria Police Service and Queensland Police Service in Australia, and the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand, we explored how we could make their workflow even more effective. Whilst these teams are old hands at investigating CSAI crimes and are already using Analyze DI on a daily basis, they’re always looking for new ways to speed up investigations.

In our training session, we combined the investigators’ in-depth knowledge of CSAI with the strengths of NetClean Analyze DI, and together we found new ways of using the techniques and applications in Analyze. In one of the cases we were able to reduce caseload from 140,000 images to 70,000 in just 10 minutes, and after that continued to effectively narrow it down to the 10 per cent of content that were the most pertinent.

Colm Gannon from Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand shared his thoughts with us after the training:

­“Through combining different tools in Analyze in new and innovative ways, we managed to double the speed of our workflow. As a result we will revise our work processes to make sure that we use the full potential of Analyze.”

Whilst technology can make a massive difference, the impact can often be even greater as users dig deeper into the tool-set. Like a never-ending Swiss army knife, we’re always looking at new ways to cut through criminal activities and expand on what Analyze is able to do. If you have a suggestion or question on how digital media investigations could be improved, leave us a comment below or contact us.

If you are looking for ways to improve your law enforcement investigation, download a free copy of the NetClean Analyze DI.