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NetClean Labs | 22/10/2017

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Doing business the right way

03/02/2017 |

In January, Interpol announced that they have identified 10,000 child victims of online sexual abuse in their International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) image database.

In the interviews that followed the publication of the data, Mick Moran, Head of Vulnerable Communities … Read More

Is CSR and transparency any more than moral-wash?

21/09/2015 |

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has had a bad rap. Dubbed lip-service, public relations fluff and moral-wash, all too many companies tacked on CSR initiatives as a token. Used to say ‘we’re not that bad really’, whilst the moral or ethical … Read More

CSA content downloaded on a fifth of corporate networks

21/08/2014 |

In a recent NetClean survey of IT experts, a fifth of those surveyed revealed that someone had downloaded CSA material at work. Of those, just 3.5% lead to criminal investigations and in the vast majority of cases (69%) nothing happened.

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Keeping corporate networks clean

19/06/2014 |

Illicit images and videos of child sexual abuse are not just confined to the dark corners of the internet. Swedish broadcaster, SVT, recently documented how a worker at a local council came into work and plugged in a USB … Read More