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NetClean Labs | 22/10/2017

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Together we can ‘make a difference’

01/11/2016 |

At the beginning of the month we hosted our second annual event to discuss how we can better collaborate to tackle industry wide issues surrounding child sexual exploitation.

NetClean welcomed an unusally wide spectrum of audiences for this issue, with … Read More

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week – More Must Be Done

04/02/2016 |

While the start of February may have passed many of us by, the beginning of an important week should have carried much greater attention. The 1st of February 2016 marked the start of Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week … Read More

Doing our Part – Using Technology for Good

03/02/2016 |

As you can gather from Maura Harty and Rich Brown’s blog posts, the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) and Project VIC are two incredible organisations. Many organisations want to make a difference, but ICMEC and Project VIC … Read More

Cybercrime gets personal

21/10/2015 |

Get Safe Online is a reminder for businesses in the UK – and the world over – that cybercrime is merely a click away. Despite the focus on cyber threats using malware and spyware, we must not forget that other … Read More

Is CSR and transparency any more than moral-wash?

21/09/2015 |

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has had a bad rap. Dubbed lip-service, public relations fluff and moral-wash, all too many companies tacked on CSR initiatives as a token. Used to say ‘we’re not that bad really’, whilst the moral or ethical … Read More