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NetClean Labs | 15/11/2018

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Stop the spread of child sexual abuse videos

11/02/2016 |

Digital video content has experienced an explosive growth in the last decade. Our viewing habits have also shifted from TVs to digital devices (laptop, tablet and smartphone). The total video viewing time for UK consumers is on average 212 minutes … Read More

L-3 ASA and NetClean join G-Cloud in the fight against child sexual abuse

01/04/2015 |

Public sector organisations in the UK can now bolster their content security and take action against the ’national threat’ of child sexual abuse.

Increasingly, the public sector is placed under scrutiny by both the media and the public eye, to tackle the … Read More

Generating a robust image signature

12/11/2014 |

Robust image signatures are a crucial element of reducing the number of duplicate and known images in the forensic workflow, but how do they work?

Generating a robust signature from a picture is a process that involves a number of … Read More

Breaking out of the shell

16/09/2014 |

Open standards have been a contentious issue for many sectors, not least the digital forensics industry. However the emergence and adoption of the ProjectVIC OData protocol, called VICS, could change all that.

We’ve seen support for open standards gather pace … Read More