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NetClean Labs | 20/02/2018

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5 myths about fighting child sexual abuse material

29/10/2015 |

The 2015 NetClean report revealed that the numbers of crimes involving child sexual abuse material (CSA) are increasing, the violence is becoming more severe and the victims are getting younger. Despite these alarming numbers, the public, and in many cases … Read More

Why social networks are not to be blamed

14/10/2015 |

Social media networks have made our lives more connected than ever before. Facebook alone has 1.4 billion active users and Twitter attracts over 236 million people who regularly create, share and comment on each other’s ideas.

The power of all … Read More

The 14 per cent: why victim ID is the key ingredient for CSA investigations

18/05/2015 |

As soon as one case is closed, another opens up. More child sexual abuse (CSA) cases emerge every day and each case could contain new or unidentified victims. Johann Hofmann explores the challenges facing investigators today and explain why victim … Read More

It’s a global movement

02/12/2014 |

With the take down of Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0 and the ‘Sweetie’ virtual child sting, 2014 was a year of massive international investigations with global outcomes.

In order to tackle online crime or crime facilitated and enabled by the … Read More

NetClean statement 30.5.14

30/05/2014 |

NetClean’s products are designed to use image signatures to detect, block and analyse known images and videos of child sexual abuse. We work with private companies, governments, ISPs and law enforcement agencies around the world to help keep children safe. … Read More