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NetClean Labs | 20/05/2018

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Introducing Griffeye, our sister company

Introducing Griffeye, our sister company

The digital world is changing and so are we.

Last Monday we announced the launch of a new parent company to NetClean, Safer Society Group. It will focus on developing technology companies with the aim to create a safer and better global society.

The new umbrella organisation will govern three subsidiary companies: NetClean, leading developer of technical solutions to fight child sexual abuse material and Griffeye, provider of the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform for collecting, processing, analysing, visualising and managing images and videos. The third subsidiary, Safer Society Solutions, is the group’s internal consulting company, functioning as an incubator for new business ideas and supporting the group with complex deliveries.

The new company structure will enable NetClean and Griffeye to specialise and remain world leaders in their respective fields.

The world is changing

Our global society continues to digitise and with that we see new challenges and crimes emerging in the digital world. But our mission remains the same: to make the world a better and safer place with technology.

Core to that is overcoming the crimes facilitated by the peculiarities of the Internet, such as the deluge of data and ease of anonymity, with the use of specialised intelligence solutions.

As part of our commitment to tackling child sexual exploitation on a global scale, we are donating the Analyze DI technology, now operated by the Griffeye brand, to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), which also works with Project VIC to stop child sexual abuse.

More than 2,500 law enforcement agencies in over 30 countries currently use the Analyze platform.

The ‘new’ NetClean

NetClean will solely focus on technical solutions to fight the spread of child sexual exploitation material.

NetClean Whitebox and NetClean ProActive are already used by multinational companies, government agencies and Internet service providers worldwide to stop and prevent child sexual exploitation.

To ensure products address key legal issues and preserve evidence, NetClean technologies are developed in conjunction with leading technology developers, partners and police authorities.

Introducing Griffeye

Griffeye, a new business which is also a part of Safer Society Group, will house Griffeye Analyze. It will encompass Analyze Digital Investigator (DI), Collaboration Server (CS) operations and Collaboration Server enterprise.

The Analyze platform is a versatile software platform applicable to any investigation containing digital media. It is designed for law enforcement, defence, public safety, insurance and healthcare agencies worldwide.

Safer Society Solutions

Safer Society Solutions is the Safer Society Group’s consulting company. It supports the Safer Society Group and its subsidiaries with innovation resources, project management, adaptations of existing technology and complex deliveries. Safer Society Solutions also functions as an incubator for new business ideas, providing resources and support to develop new business areas.

Find out more about our new company structure here.

Join us in the fight against Internet crimes and find out how we may help you build a safer society.