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NetClean Labs | 15/11/2018

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Child sexual offenders hide behind anonymisation technologies

06/07/2016 |

Anonymisation technologies continue to be a crucial challenge for police and digital investigators when it comes to identifying offenders who have produced and circulated child sexual abuse material.

In our global research of 368 police officers, six in 10 said … Read More

Law of virtual behaviour

02/09/2015 |

“Do the features of anonymity and connectivity free the darker sides of our nature?” Jamie Bartlett, The Dark Net, 2014

The Internet has nearly always been an unrestricted space where people can present themselves with any identity. Anonymity online is … Read More

Normalising criminal communities

09/06/2015 |

“Once I’d opened my Tor browser, it took me two mouse clicks to arrive at the page advertising the link. If I had clicked again I would have committed an extremely serious crime. I can’t think of another instance where … Read More