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NetClean Labs | 20/02/2018

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Are courts failing victims of online child sexual abuse?

10/03/2015 |

Iyavar Chetty is a director of Kids Internet Safety Alliance (KINSA) Africa. In this blog he describes how South African courts need to take action to address the growing problem of online child sexual abuse.

South Africa is unfortunately lagging … Read More

Protecting children from online exploitation: Our global responsibility

25/09/2014 |

It’s times like this that I’m proud to be a Swede. As a nation we have a huge social impact – not just in our own country, but also on the world.

For example, last week I visited Beirut to … Read More

Breaking out of the shell

16/09/2014 |

Open standards have been a contentious issue for many sectors, not least the digital forensics industry. However the emergence and adoption of the ProjectVIC OData protocol, called VICS, could change all that.

We’ve seen support for open standards gather pace … Read More

CSA content downloaded on a fifth of corporate networks

21/08/2014 |

In a recent NetClean survey of IT experts, a fifth of those surveyed revealed that someone had downloaded CSA material at work. Of those, just 3.5% lead to criminal investigations and in the vast majority of cases (69%) nothing happened.

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Working with governments to combat child sexual abuse

25/06/2014 |

There has been a number of questions raised regarding the solutions NetClean is potentially providing to the Turkish government and whether we are providing technology for on-line censorship. We would like to clarify that this is not the case. We are in discussions regarding … Read More