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NetClean Labs | 28/04/2017

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A society in the dark

30/06/2016 |

Last week, the NSPCC released its annual ‘How safe are our children? 2016’ report. The report suggests that the Internet used in eight cases of child sex abuse every day. However, we feel that this latest number from the NSPCC … Read More

Preventing the creation of child sexual offenders

15/03/2016 |

In February, Women’s Weekly in Australia published an in-depth, interesting and horrifying article on child sexual abuse, telling the story of some of the most disturbing cases of child sexual abuse that the world has seen.

One of them was … Read More

It’s just an image – it’s no big deal

18/12/2015 |

In the summer of 2015 a girl in the south of Sweden visited a theme park and later told her mum that a male employee had behaved inappropriately towards her. This was the tipping point of an investigation that unravelled … Read More

That doesn’t happen here, does it?

21/11/2014 |

This is one question we hear time and time again. All over the world, people are reluctant to believe that the harrowing stories of child sexual abuse and child exploitation could apply to them, or the people that they know. … Read More