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NetClean Labs | 24/03/2017

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Project VIC demonstrates why identifying victims must be a priority

11/05/2016 |

The number of children at risk from sexual exploitation is on the rise, yet many investigators do not have the time to give priority to the work that is needed to identify victims.

In our NetClean global police survey, we … Read More

Child Exploitation Awareness Day – make your pledge today

18/03/2016 |

Today, in the UK, it is Child Exploitation Awareness Day – a day that aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. After a number of high profile sexual exploitation cases in the news, the National Working … Read More

Shining the Spotlight on CSA

28/01/2016 |

With the release of director Tom McCarthy’s latest film due on January 29 in the UK, the spotlight is well and truly on the subject of child sexual abuse (CSA) right now.

The film revolves around a classic piece of … Read More

Cybercrime gets personal

21/10/2015 |

Get Safe Online is a reminder for businesses in the UK – and the world over – that cybercrime is merely a click away. Despite the focus on cyber threats using malware and spyware, we must not forget that other … Read More

Australian police netted one of the world’s largest paedophile rings

27/08/2015 |

A police operation in Australia has ventured into the dark web and caught the head of a prolific online paedophile ring and several other senior members within the organisation. The global crime network was involved in the abuse of hundreds, … Read More