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NetClean Labs | 14/11/2018

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Child protection Archives - NetClean Labs

Take a LEAP of faith and improve collaboration

05/05/2016 |

Online child sexual exploitation is a growing concern around the world and the issue is becoming more severe than ever before. It has never been easier for perpetrators to make contact with innocent children, to share images of abuse and … Read More

Find the stars and make them align

11/05/2015 |

International teamwork is essential when it comes to fighting child sexual abuse, usually through official collaborations. However, as it is often the same people meeting at conferences and training events around the world, personal contacts and unofficial networks also play … Read More

Think, spot, speak out against abuse

18/03/2015 |

Today is Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day in the UK, raising awareness of the efforts to stop exploitation on a global scale. Launched by the National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People (NWG), the day encourages everyone to make a personal pledge … Read More

Are courts failing victims of online child sexual abuse?

10/03/2015 |

Iyavar Chetty is a director of Kids Internet Safety Alliance (KINSA) Africa. In this blog he describes how South African courts need to take action to address the growing problem of online child sexual abuse.

South Africa is unfortunately lagging … Read More

Part of an ecosystem

15/05/2014 |

When you identify a clear trend it’s always indicative of something larger – the sign that something important is happening. One such trend is occurring amongst our larger customers, many which are national governments.

These types of organisations are now … Read More