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NetClean Labs | 14/11/2018

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Perpetrator identification must be a priority in investigations

18/05/2016 |

In my last blog we looked at the benefits of victim identification. Organisations like Project VIC, of which Griffeye is a founding partner, are working with police and forensic investigators, Europol and Interpol to analyse images and videos in order … Read More

The material is becoming more severe and victims are getting younger

22/03/2016 |

No parent would want to see their child hurt or in despair. Yet, thousands of children are being sexually abused every single day. They may be living in foreign countries far far away, being trafficked across the seas, or sitting … Read More

More child sexual abuse material is in circulation than ever before

17/02/2016 |

Crimes against children remains a huge challenge in our society. Worryingly, the number of cases are on the rise and there seems to be no sign of a reversal any time soon.

Our recent survey backs this view. The report … Read More

Stop the spread of child sexual abuse videos

11/02/2016 |

Digital video content has experienced an explosive growth in the last decade. Our viewing habits have also shifted from TVs to digital devices (laptop, tablet and smartphone). The total video viewing time for UK consumers is on average 212 minutes … Read More

Safer Internet Day – make a pledge

09/02/2016 |

Today is Safer Internet Day in the UK, the aim is to raise awareness of Internet safety and encourage organisations to get involved with promoting the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. Although … Read More