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NetClean Labs | 20/08/2017

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Investigations with terabytes of data and millions of images

07/08/2017 |

The amount of material that law enforcement has to deal with continues to increase. Exactly how large the investigations and cases have become is difficult to say, but the NetClean Report 2016 included some examples. At the most extreme end, … Read More

Child Sexual Abuse can be found everywhere on the net – social media is no exception

15/07/2017 |

When looking at Social Media, the increasing number of platforms have also led to an increase in child sexual abuse material being shared using these spaces. In fact, more than a third of the police officers surveyed in our NetClean … Read More

Unearthing the web – the good, the bad and the ugly

03/08/2016 |

Technical advances have unreservedly transformed our lives. Technology has changed the way we communicate, travel, learn and even find love. The internet alone has given rise to a worldwide community and a forum for the mass exchange of information.  It’s … Read More

Introducing Griffeye, our sister company

17/08/2015 |

The digital world is changing and so are we.

Last Monday we announced the launch of a new parent company to NetClean, Safer Society Group. It will focus on developing technology companies with the aim to create a safer and … Read More

Find the stars and make them align

11/05/2015 |

International teamwork is essential when it comes to fighting child sexual abuse, usually through official collaborations. However, as it is often the same people meeting at conferences and training events around the world, personal contacts and unofficial networks also play … Read More