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NetClean Labs | 25/03/2017

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Stop the spread of child sexual abuse videos

11/02/2016 |

Digital video content has experienced an explosive growth in the last decade. Our viewing habits have also shifted from TVs to digital devices (laptop, tablet and smartphone). The total video viewing time for UK consumers is on average 212 minutes … Read More

Project VIC: Finding Strength in Information Sharing

21/01/2016 |

By: Rich Brown, Law Enforcement and Technology Liaison, ICMEC

As the Law Enforcement and Technology Liaison at the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), I am proud to be one of the driving forces behind Project VIC. Coordinated … Read More

Australian police netted one of the world’s largest paedophile rings

27/08/2015 |

A police operation in Australia has ventured into the dark web and caught the head of a prolific online paedophile ring and several other senior members within the organisation. The global crime network was involved in the abuse of hundreds, … Read More

‘More Data, More Problems’ or ‘More Data, More Possibilities?’

28/04/2015 |

With the release of the new NetClean Analyze DI feature Analyze Relations, Johann Hofmann, explains how letting novel tools aid investigators in finding relations between digital files and building visual maps is key to solving cases.

The human visual … Read More

Welcome to NetClean Labs

13/02/2015 |

You may notice things have changed a little round here. Along with a new look (Comment or tweet to let us know what you think!) we have a new focus…

The world of online crime is continuously evolving. New methods, … Read More