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NetClean Labs | 14/11/2018

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Child Sexual Abuse can be found everywhere on the net – social media is no exception

15/07/2017 |

When looking at Social Media, the increasing number of platforms have also led to an increase in child sexual abuse material being shared using these spaces. In fact, more than a third of the police officers surveyed in our NetClean … Read More

The future is here / The Internet of Things

05/04/2017 |

Recently our CTO Mattias Shamlo and I attended CeBit, the world’s biggest event for Global Digital Business, where we had the opportunity to look at emerging trends and do some thinking around what they will mean for our industry.

The … Read More

Unearthing the web – the good, the bad and the ugly

03/08/2016 |

Technical advances have unreservedly transformed our lives. Technology has changed the way we communicate, travel, learn and even find love. The internet alone has given rise to a worldwide community and a forum for the mass exchange of information.  It’s … Read More

Safer Internet Day – make a pledge

09/02/2016 |

Today is Safer Internet Day in the UK, the aim is to raise awareness of Internet safety and encourage organisations to get involved with promoting the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. Although … Read More

Welcome to NetClean Labs

13/02/2015 |

You may notice things have changed a little round here. Along with a new look (Comment or tweet to let us know what you think!) we have a new focus…

The world of online crime is continuously evolving. New methods, … Read More