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NetClean Labs | 27/06/2017

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Shining the Spotlight on CSA

28/01/2016 |

With the release of director Tom McCarthy’s latest film due on January 29 in the UK, the spotlight is well and truly on the subject of child sexual abuse (CSA) right now.

The film revolves around a classic piece of … Read More

The Passion Behind the Project: The Importance of Training   

27/01/2016 |

By: Rich Brown, Law Enforcement and Technology Liaison, ICMEC

To enact true change, the right tools and proper training is key, but advanced, first-class tools tend to have a price tag that agencies can’t afford. That is why we at … Read More

Your Business, Your Data, Your Responsibility

26/06/2015 |

Recent reports from Europe suggest digital businesses are unhappy with the latest proposals in the EU data protection laws. Many believe that the additional enforcements will put tighter restrictions on companies’ ability to process data. These tensions bring to light … Read More

‘More Data, More Problems’ or ‘More Data, More Possibilities?’

28/04/2015 |

With the release of the new NetClean Analyze DI feature Analyze Relations, Johann Hofmann, explains how letting novel tools aid investigators in finding relations between digital files and building visual maps is key to solving cases.

The human visual … Read More

When the best get better – doubling the speed of digital media investigation

30/03/2015 |

Christian Berg, CEO of NetClean, recently held a series of training sessions with a total of 50 Child Sexual Abuse Image (CSAI) investigators in Australia and New Zealand. Together, they explored new ways to combine in-depth knowledge of child sexual … Read More