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NetClean Labs | 22/10/2017

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Can a growing problem be a positive?

29/06/2017 |

NetClean’s recent research showed that law enforcement across the world is dealing with an increasing volume of child sexual abuse. In fact, a staggering 74.6 percent of the officers surveyed said that their workload has increased in the last year.

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A reflection on Mobile World Congress: the dangers of “Mobile is Everywhere”

02/03/2016 |

Our generation lives and breathes in a world of digital connections. Most of us own more than one mobile device, and are spending more and more time on our smartphone, tablet or laptop for work or personal use. In fact, … Read More

Closing Britain’s loophole on live-streamed abuse

02/06/2015 |

In the past, those who viewed live-streamed child sexual abuse in the UK were sometimes given lighter sentences due to the difficulty authorities had in proving a recording had been made. New plans, laid out in the Queen’s speech from … Read More

The 14 per cent: why victim ID is the key ingredient for CSA investigations

18/05/2015 |

As soon as one case is closed, another opens up. More child sexual abuse (CSA) cases emerge every day and each case could contain new or unidentified victims. Johann Hofmann explores the challenges facing investigators today and explain why victim … Read More

Crime and Big Data: Investigators under pressure

15/01/2015 |

Police investigators working to identify victims, find criminals and bring cases to court have revealed that huge increases in the volume of visual evidence, data seized and sheer number of caseloads are the biggest challenges they are facing.

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