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NetClean Labs | 14/11/2018

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Child sexual abuse on the rise: part two

23/04/2015 |

According to a recent survey, reported child sexual abuse has risen by 60% in last four years. However despite this rise in reports the number of arrests for child sexual abuse offences has fallen by 9%.

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Child sexual abuse on the rise: part one

21/04/2015 |

Reported child sexual abuse has risen 60% in last four years (from 5,557 cases in 2001 to 8,892 last year), according to a freedom of information request made by Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper. At the same time the number … Read More

Crime and Big Data: Investigators under pressure

15/01/2015 |

Police investigators working to identify victims, find criminals and bring cases to court have revealed that huge increases in the volume of visual evidence, data seized and sheer number of caseloads are the biggest challenges they are facing.

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Collaboration helps investigators

19/09/2014 |

We started working with Guidance Software in the USA and spoke to the company’s Product Manager Ken Mizota about how this made customers much more efficient.

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Bringing intelligent analysis to all crime types

09/05/2014 |

Unstructured data such as images, camera data (EXIF) and videos make up a huge proportion of criminal evidence today. Ten years ago an individual computer forensic investigation might have comprised tens of thousands of images. Today the figure can be … Read More