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NetClean Labs | 23/11/2017

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Working with governments to combat child sexual abuse - NetClean Labs

There has been a number of questions raised regarding the solutions NetClean is potentially providing to the Turkish government and whether we are providing technology for on-line censorship. We would like to clarify that this is not the case. We are in discussions regarding the implementation of a national system specifically aimed at combating child sexual abuse (CSA) material and preventing the sexual abuse of children, working with our partner in Turkey.

The set of solutions we are offering will assist law enforcement to investigate CSA crimes more efficiently and identify sexually abusive images or videos of children on computers or networks within public sector offices. In addition, NetClean’s products will enable ISPs to block access to sites containing CSA material, in the same way as for example Sweden has been doing since 2005, alongside similar solutions deployed in many other countries around the world.

Our ecosystem of products will enable Turkey to proactively and more effectively combat the creation and distribution of child sexual abuse material, enabling more victims to be rescued from sexual abuse. We believe the detection and blocking of child sexual abuse material is the right thing to do to fight this growing problem.