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NetClean Labs | 20/05/2018

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Welcome to NetClean Labs

Welcome to NetClean Labs

You may notice things have changed a little round here. Along with a new look (Comment or tweet to let us know what you think!) we have a new focus…

The world of online crime is continuously evolving. New methods, technologies, evidence formats and even crime types emerge every day. The internet and digital technology is facilitating both old and new crimes in a myriad of ways. At the same time, methods in tracking, investigating and analysing crime are also evolving. The ‘sweetie’ virtual child sting, where potential paedophiles were engaged by a digital rendering, imitating a live-stream with a real child in the Philippines, is one such example of using innovative technology to tackle crime.

But in the words of Sci-Fi writer William Gibson, whilst the future is here, it’s unevenly distributed. Advances in tackling child sexual abuse are being made in siloes around the world. What we want to see is a new order, where innovation reaches everyone – helping to tackle crime from the most sophisticated and complex regions, to the most vulnerable.

Here at NetClean we have often referred to the need for everyone to work together, if we are to make a difference. We’ve launched NetClean Labs to be a hub for the community of technologists, investigators and subject matter experts in online crime. We want to chart the progress of how individuals and organisations across the world, from all manner of backgrounds, are helping to create a safer society.

The internet is a vast, nebulous community which has enabled great leaps and bounds in the way human beings exchange information. However, as with any community, it has its darker side. As the world seeks a path between preserving the freedom of the internet, with protecting the rights of our most vulnerable, we want to chart that progress, and make a difference along the way.

Welcome to our little bit of distributed future: NetClean Labs